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The real estate market is heating up, making it a good time to put your house on the market and find your next  home. But before you list your home, make sure you take the time to make appropriate improvements so it sells faster and at a higher price. That word appropriate is important, because real estate experts advise against over-improving your home prior to selling it.

Some sellers make the error of spending more than they should in improvements, and then not getting back what they invested. To avoid this mistake, ask your realtor what homes in your neighborhood are selling for and stay in the appropriate range for your area. This may mean, for example, that while you’d love to spend $10,000 to create your dream master bath, that might be too much for your neighborhood. Maybe a more economical $5,000 bathroom update is enough to attract buyers.

Here are 4 solid tips to get your home in tip-top selling condition, without spending too much:

1. Refinish cabinetry, instead of replacing. Refinishing tired kitchen or bathroom cabinets is much more affordable than installing brand new cabinetry. There are beautiful finishes available today, so take a look.

2. Have improvement quotes available to potential buyers. Let’s say you have ugly popcorn ceilings or outdated flooring. Instead of actually paying to replace the floor or remove the popcorn, get three quotes from reputable companies in your area and have these available for buyers who might be interested in your home but hate the popcorn ceiling.

3. Keep improvements neutral. A fresh coat of paint is always a good idea when you’re selling. But if you do paint or decide to install new carpet, choose neutral shades.  Painting with neutral tones is particularly important if you have rooms with unusual wall colors that may not appeal to potential buyers.

4. Clean your house!!! This cannot be overemphasized. Yes, your buyer will probably mess up the home once they’re comfortably moved in, but they don’t want to look at your dirt and clutter while they’re home-shopping. Keep the bathrooms shiny and fresh-smelling, wash the baseboards and windows and clean up your closets so potential buyers can see storage space. If your carpet is dirty but not in poor condition, rent a heavy-duty carpet cleaner or hire a cleaning company.

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