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First impressions are everything, and not just when it comes to meeting new people. The first impression of a home can not only attract buyers, but entice them to make an offer. Keep these 4 tips in mind to make a great first impression when selling a home.

  1. Make an enticing exterior. Make sure the walk-up to your house is inviting and clean. Pick up any toys on the lawn and make sure all the landscaping is looking its best. Also, clean all the front windows and make sure the address numbers are clean and visible.
  2. Shape up the interior. Clear out any clutter, even from the closets. Potential home buyers will open all of the cabinets and closets, so make sure they are clean. Clean your entire house, including the baseboards and blinds.
  3. Check evening appearance. Make sure that your home looks just as welcoming at night as it does during the day. Make sure the walkway is well lit and the address numbers can still be seen.
  4. Make necessary repairs. Repair anything that is broken, from cabinet doors that do not shut to leaky faucets.

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