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Selling Your Home? Get Legally Prepared

Getting Your Legal Affairs In Order When Preparing To Sell

You know there are a number of things you need to do when getting ready to sell your house. You need to stage it so it will be most attractive to buyers, prepare to pack up all of your belongings, and put money away for the down payment on your new home. There are also a few legal issues you should bear in mind when getting ready to list your home. Here are a few actions we advise home sellers to take to avoid a legal hiccup during the sale process.

  • Deal With Debts & Liens: Whether you have a debt, encumbrance, or lien on your property, it is crucial you address it before you list your house. Do not assume you will be able to hide a lien from your buyer; it will without a doubt come out in the mandatory title search. Make sure you are up to date on your homeowners association dues, have paid your taxes, and have no liens against your home before trying to sell it.
  • Agree On Your Home Sale Agreement: If you are in an unmarried domestic partnership, it is important for you to sit down with your partner and draft a home sale agreement. An attorney can help capture this so that you have an agreed-upon plan for how the home sale money will be distributed between you and your partner.
  • Get Organized: You will need your deed, appraisals, surveys, and information on community restrictions together when you sell. Get them gathered in advance to make your life easier.

You are not a home selling expert, nor should you have to be. To get the real estate experts on your side ensuring you cross every t and dot every i, contact The Barr Team. Conveniently located in Irvine, we are here to serve as your guide to the world of Southern California real estate. To get an ally while selling your home, call us today!

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