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ken michaels

Ken Michaels is the host of the nationally popular radio show, Mortgage Makeovers, one of the most popular and growing real estate shows listened to nationally on the radio.

Ken was born on April 8, in Santa Monica, California, and from the time he was a little boy, he was always a very helpful kid. Always wanting to help somebody, who needed the help.

In 2004, Ken Michaels started his radio show, Mortgage Makeovers, designed to guide the general public thru the mortgage maze, and other financial stresses. He sees his role as protecting consumers from unscrupulous lenders and lending practices and he has the know-how to get the job done. His expertise is in the following areas: Mortgage Lending, Real Estate, Debt settlement, Debt Consolidation, Bankruptcy guidance, Loan Modifications, Short Sales, Credit Repair, and Credit Card negotiations. His hard work and effort has paid off as his show is the top weekend financial advice show in America today. No one helps more people with their real estate and mortgage issues like Ken Michaels does.

When Ken started his radio show he was not a newcomer to the mortgage business, having gotten his start in 1981. Ken rapidly became a National Mortgage expert, and developed a reputation as a National consumer Advocate. He was one of the top Loan originators in the United States from 1982-2008.

Ken also taught Mortgage Lending in adult night school on the UCLA campus. He is viewed as the number one mortgage, real estate and credit expert in the U.S. and spends countless hours keeping people on the track to financial freedom.

The mortgage business isn’t Ken’s only passion. He loves sports and was also the host of the national sports radio show called “The Sports Corner”. His extensive sports knowledge made him a household name on the radio, which is why hundreds of companies hire Ken to endorse their products nationally.Ken’s strong desire to help people includes his nationwide speaking engagements, seminars, and of course his numerous radio programs across the country, which gets his message out to the public. Because of his commitment, he was voted top mortgage expert in the US, for two years in a row.

Ken is president of Mortgage Makeovers Inc, and Ken Michaels Productions Inc, and is married to his lovely wife Susanne. Between them they have 5 fantastic boys, ranging in age from 9-18, so he certainly has a busy family life. How Ken finds the time to help others, is truly amazing. Ken also coaches youth basketball programs involving his children. His passion for helping others involves many aspects of his life.