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Forgoing the Formal Dining Room

What To Do With The Space You Never Use

The size and shape of the modern American family continues to evolve. As it does, the home is changing as well, and the majority of American homeowners say they do not use the formal dining rooms in their homes anymore. With eat-in kitchens and more casual family room dining set-ups becoming increasingly popular, the formal dining area is becoming a thing of the past for many.

Since many floor plans feature space for a formal dining room, there are exciting opportunities to convert the unused square footage to meet you and your family’s needs. Are you looking for more kitchen space? Let your kitchen expand into the dining area, making more room for all of the cooking area activities and gatherings. Adding an island, more counters and cabinets, or even additional appliances will maximize your kitchen’s efficiency, taking advantage of the extra space. For more information on re-working your kitchen, see our post here.

If your home is always full of hustle and bustle, you can also consider turning the room into a private sitting room or home office. Having a space to find peace and quiet, as well as an area to complete work, will serve you and your family well.

If you do not need the extra room, you may want to think about taking it out entirely by knocking down any surrounding walls to open up the floor plan of your home. More space will make your home feel larger and let in more of Southern California’s sunny light. It also gives you extra space for social gatherings, converting the old use of a formal dining room for large dinners to its contemporary equivalent.

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