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Your Guide To Emerging The Victor

Summer is prime time for home buying, and since housing inventories are already low you can expect to see some competition in the buying market during the warmer months. If you are hoping to get into your dream home this summer, you might find yourself in a bidding war. Fear not! We can help you win that war so you can lock in your perfect house. Here is a quick guide.

  • Get Organized: To distinguish yourself from other buyers, make sure that your offer comes in neatly organized and easy to read. Ask the seller which offer format they would prefer and which¬†factors that they find important (e.g. closing timeline, rent-back agreement). Make sure your offer comes in with an effective cover letter, as well.
  • Avoid Lowballing: If you really love the house, do not put yourself out of the running by trying to get too clever with a lowball offer. Instead, put forward a strong figure and make it stand out by avoiding round numbers.
  • Add Incentives: If it is possible, make your offer all-cash. Sellers love the ease that comes with not having to deal with financing. If all-cash is not an option, the next best thing you can do is come with your mortgage preapproval to show you have the financing you need to be a serious buyer.

So you can know about homes for sale the minute they become available and beat other buyers to them, contact The Barr Team. We are staying apprised of every single listing in Irvine and the surrounding Southern California area and can consequently help you find your dream home faster, helping you avoid a bidding war. If, however, you do find yourself in one, our team of real estate experts can help you win it. For the help you deserve this summer, call us today!

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