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An Open House Means Opening Your Home To Strangers

How To Protect Yourself During An Open House

Open houses are effective. They give a number of potential buyers the chance to see your home in a low-pressure situation, meaning more eyes get to take in your house and giving you a greater likelihood of finding a serious prospective buyer. It also means opening your doors to handfuls of strangers and then letting them wander through your home unsupervised. To protect yourself from potential dangers that could arise, use these bits of advice for home sellers.

  • Keep Keys: So that no one slips your keys into his or her pocket only to return later and rob your home, take all of your keys, fobs, and garage remotes with you when you leave during the open house. It will mean carrying a bag of metal with you, but it will also mean a sneaky thief cannot take advantage of you.
  • Ditch Drugs: It is a good idea to take all of your prescription drugs out of your medicine cabinet and stash them somewhere secure during your open house. Leaving them exposed makes them easy pickings for a drug addict, while leaving an empty cabinet in advance can have that shady character heading straight for the door.
  • Look At Locks: While strolling through your home, a potential thief might pinpoint desirable items. To ensure he or she does not find success in trying to swipe them later that week, check all of your doors and windows and ensure that you keep them constantly locked until your home sells.

Fortunately, a real estate expert can help minimize your risk at your open house. To work with a Southern California team with the expertise necessary to protect your home, contact The Barr Team. Located in Irvine, we are here to help you find the right buyer for your home, while protecting you from the risks that come with having your home on the market.

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