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What You Need To Know About This Important Paperwork

As the weather heats up, so does the home buying market. Summer is the season during which the most homes are sold, and if you are one of the many buyers hoping to land your dream home this summer, you are probably gearing up for the real estate process.

One of the most important parts of that process is the real estate purchase contract. This one document is a crucial portion of home buying, so it is important to ensure that you get it right. What, exactly, is it? Your real estate purchase contract is the document that outlines the details of the sale of the property. It is legally binding and should capture everything from the property cost and down payment to the smaller details like which appliances the seller is leaving behind and the closing date.

Before you even think about signing this contract, walk through the property yourself and have an inspector ensure there are not unseen repairs needed that could end up costing you. Attach the land and building inspections to your contract.

Know that once you sign your real estate purchase contract, your purchase is finalized. That means that even if you have requests for the seller after signing, he or she does not need to—and likely will not—comply. Consequently, it is in your best interest to consult a real estate professional before signing to ensure your contract meets all of your needs.

If you want expert guidance to help you during this crucial part of your home buying process, contact The Barr Team in Irvine. We have decades of experience serving Southern California buyers and are here to ensure that every step of your real estate transaction is flawlessly executed! To have a team of professionals on your side as you buy your home, call us today.

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