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Selling a Vacant Home? No Problem with These Tips!

If you’re buying a new home while selling your current home, there’s no way to know which step will happen first. If you find a new house before selling your old house, it may leave you with a vacant home to show potential buyers. Showing an empty home comes with a special set of challenges. Keep these tips in mind to help entice buyers to look at your vacant home.

  • Virtual staging. Many companies will use computer generated furnishing to make your home looks its best online. Using high-resolution photos, these companies will stage the rooms to fit the listing price and target buyers for the house. Keep in mind that you’ll have to disclose that the rooms have been virtually staged in any advertising.
  • Rental furniture. Companies will allow you to rent furniture for three rooms, usually the dining room, living room, and master bedroom, along with all the necessary accessories. Many of these companies require a lease agreement of a few months; so make sure to choose the right company for your needs.
  • Consignment furniture. Consignment stores are a great place to find inexpensive furniture to stage your home with. It also comes with the added benefit of being able to add the furniture into the purchase contract, which is very desirable for first-time homebuyers.
  • Closeout furniture. Floor samples are very often sold for a very low price. Many times you’re able to get a whole room of furniture and accessories for around $1,500. While spending money on furniture may seem unnecessary, it’ll help to avoid lowering the sale price of the home to get it sold.

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