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There is no time like the spring season to sell a home. However, many sellers are not aware that fall is the second-best time to sell. Here are a few reasons why selling in fall is not as hard as it may seem:

  • Many buyers will be too busy traveling and taking vacations to have time to view homes during summer. When school is back in session, parents and buyers tend to slow down, and settle back into a routine. They can now make time to attend showings and open houses!
  • Many buyers want to secure their new home before the holidays set in! With this being said, fall is the perfect time for them to buy!
  • If you purchase a home before the New Year, you can take advantage of many homeowners’ tax benefits! Buyers are aware that they can claim mortgage interest, casualty losses, and residential energy efficiency at this time, so they choose to buy in fall.

If you are ready to put your home on the market, here are a few tips that are sure to sell your home, fast!

  • Fix up your curb appeal! During fall, thousands of leaves will accumulate on your lawn. Take the time to rake them up, and clean them off the siding of your home. Consider adding some fall flowers to your flowerbed!
  • Add fall features to the interior of your home. Purchase or craft lovely fall wreathes to hang on your door, and make sure to have a cinnamon or pumpkin scented candle burning during showings.
  • Bake a fall treat to serve your guests, and fill your home with delicious aroma!

To speak to an excellent real estate agent regarding selling your home during this season, please contact one of the esteemed agents of The Barr Team, located in Irvine!

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