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The Best House Hunting Apps

Make Your Process Easier With These Apps

When you first begin the home buying process, it is usually very enjoyable. You spend time gathering ideas of your dream home, shop around online to see what is available in your area, make lists of your must-haves and would-like-to-haves, and dream big about what your next home will look like. As the process progresses, however, it can begin to feel tedious. Do you find yourself calculating mortgages while falling asleep? Do you count square footage instead of sheep? Free up some brain space by using these great house-hunting applications.

  • Get Calculating—Mortgage Calculator from Quicken Loans: Put away your calculator, paper, pencil, and big rubber eraser. Save yourself the headache and let this quick and easy mortgage calculator discern which properties will be affordable for you.
  • Get Plugged In—CO Everywhere: If you can trace a circle, you can use this app to track areas in which you are interested. This app allows you to pinpoint a location on which you would like to stay up to date, and will fill you in on what is trending on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Yelp and beyond. Get a comprehensive idea of your potential neighborhoods with CO Everywhere.
  • Get Tracking—House Hunter: Have you been filling your desk with flyers and your desktop with links to handfuls of homes? Let this app help you keep all of the homes in which you are interested in one place. You can score them based on your wish list and use this app to take notes and pictures.

Sometimes no technology—no matter how great—can substitute for the helpfulness of a human. You deserve to work with a dedicated real estate team who will help you meet all of your home buying and selling needs, so contact The Barr Team. Located in Irvine, our committed team is here to make sure you get into your dream Southern California home this year.


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