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Where To Invest In Real Estate This Year

Texas Tops The List For Promising Markets

As the housing market makes its recovery and looks to be stabilized for the long term but interest rates remain at historic lows, this marks a great time to invest in real estate. Whether you are looking to add more properties to an already-robust portfolio or are hoping to get into your first home in 2015, these areas promise to yield much fruit over the long term.

  • Austin, Texas: This city is experiencing population growth of over 3.5 percent. Job markets are also healthy in this locale and the city is famous for its music scene and growing tech industry, leading first-time homebuyers to the area with the revenue necessary to enter the real estate market.
  • Grand Rapids, Michigan: Also experiencing population growth of over 3.5 percent, experts say that homes in Grand Rapids are underpriced right now. A booming job market helps this city secure second place on the list.
  • Houston, Texas: Another Texas city topping the list, Houston’s energy industry is driving a healthy job market and attracting new, younger workers to the city. Housing prices have been climbing up between seven to twelve percent in the majority of Texas cities, making this state a solid place to look for long-term investment potential.

Are you hoping to invest in real estate in Southern California but unsure where you will see the best returns? If you are looking to enter the real estate market for the first time or are hoping to pick up another property this year, contact The Barr Team. Located in Irvine, our team of knowledgeable agents keeps a finger on the pulse on the real estate market and is here to guide you to your best investment this year. Do not wait to get the insider knowledge you deserve; call us today!

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